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Our Founder’s Favorite White Paint Colors

Not all whites are created equal. There are many color undertones like blues and yellows that can really alter the way white paint looks on your walls, ceilings, and trim. When choosing white paint, thinking of your overall design look will make all the difference.  How much natural light does your space let in? Are you aiming for a cool or warm feel? In asking yourself, these questions and never skipping on swatching your paint, you’ll obtain the precise look you are aiming for.

Here are Kathleen’s top five picks:

No.1 Benjamin Moore – Chantilly Lace

Named after crisp, white lace (think family heirlooms), this white is a true classic. The shade is pure in color and has no undertones. If you’re looking for a pure white, this could be your color. Classic in feel and completely timeless. Not to mention, Kathleen’s choice of the white paint used in her entire home.  

*Chantilly Lace pictured above

No.2 Clare Paint – Fresh Kicks

Clare Paint Fresh Kicks
Courtesy of Clare Paint

Just like Chantilly Lace, Fresh Kicks is a crisp white with no undertones. This bright white will lighten up a space without picking up the undercurrents of its surroundings. The perfect shade for a modern abode that may not have lots of natural light. In other words, if Chantilly Lace is for classic homes then Fresh Kicks is for modern ones.

No 3. Benjamin Moore – Simply White

Benjamin Moore Simply White
Courtesy of Bessler_2014

Named color of the year in 2016, this shade of white is still a winner. Although clean and crisp in nature, this shade tends to pick up undertones from its surroundings. As a result, let’s consider it a multipurpose white that can be used with warm or cool undertones. Depending on each room’s design feel, this shade is versatile and will allow you to mimic each room’s backdrop.

No. 4 Farrow & Ball – School House White

Farrow & Ball School House White
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball’s School House White is a soft, off white. Reminiscent of old schoolhouses, this color tends to have more of a warm undertone. A perfect creamy white that envelops warmth and creates depth. This shade certainly delivers a cozy, welcoming feel to any room.

No. 5 Farrow & Ball – Wevet

Farrow & Ball Wevet
Courtesy of Mymindfulhome.co.uk

Farrow & Ball’s Wevet, unlike School House White, is a delicate white that has a hue of grey undertone. A great option for a neutral space whose overall feel is to be cool in nature without going into the blue hue family. Understated and clean this shade of white is incredibly easy to live with.  


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