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Our products are the canvas for memories big and small. We value form and function, with modern pieces that embrace classic lines, so you’ll feel confident using them for Tuesday night takeout or a celebratory soiree.
Artisanal • Handcrafted • Woman-Owned

Sandstone Vase

Handcrafted • Artisanal • Woman-Owned

Sculptural Paper Mache Bowl

Artisanal • Handcrafted

Linen Throw Pillow, Beige

Artisanal • Handcrafted

Designer Floral Throw Pillow, Tan

Artisanal • Handcrafted

Walnut Cutting Board

Digital Download

Digital Cookbook – A Collection of Seasonal Recipes

Artisanal • Handcrafted

Wooden Cheese Block with Hand Forged Knife

Artisanal • Handcrafted

Brass Plated Wall Sconce

Artisanal • Handcrafted

Solid Linen Napkins, Natural Color

Handcrafted • Woman-Owned

Travertine Candle Holder

Handcrafted • Woman-Owned

Scallop Travertine Tray

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