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The Perfect Mother’s Day In

Mother’s Day is around the corner and although circumstances may look different this year, take the time to celebrate and create a special day in, full of memories, laughter, and lots of family time.

Here’s our perfect Mother’s Day In itinerary.

Start the day slow by having breakfast in bed. Conjure up the perfect meal – think pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit, orange juice, coffee, and the list goes on. It’s Mother’s Day, circumstances look a bit different this year, so make sure to make it extra special. If sleeping in, feels more in tune with your family’s lifestyle, then simply turn breakfast in bed into brunch in bed.

Next, turn your bath time into spa time. A long warm bath, face masks, a good book, and of course, champagne. Nothing celebratory goes without a little bubbly. Let mom relax, take it all in, while you work on lunch.

Set lunch alfresco (if the weather permits). If you have a private outdoor space, this is the time to utilize it. Setup a nice lunch filled with her favorite snacks and enjoy some fresh air as a family. If you don’t, not to worry, having lunch indoors while enjoying great conversation and some present family time is not going to disappoint.

Take it inside and set up a late afternoon of movies – her favorites, of course. Yes, there may or may or may not be a hopeless romantic, hallmark-esque movie on the list. It’s all about her, so make sure it counts.

Get ready for dinner. While you send her to get dressed and dolled up, begin prepping her favorite meal. Set the table, put on some lively music, and get ready for a night filled with lots of laughter and memories for years to come.

After dinner and when back in loungewear, surprise her by planning a future family trip. Sit around, discuss where you should go, pull up some dream destinations—nothing like visuals to get you excited, dream a little, and don’t forget to block your calendars. The perfect end to the perfect Mother’s Day in.

Remember that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so make sure to grab all the necessities needed to make this day extra special.

If you need some meal ideas you can certainly try these: Perfect Roasted Chicken and Vegetables or Braised Beef Ragù Pappardelle.

Make this itinerary part of – Your Story of Home.


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