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Rediscovering Home: The Beauty in Small Changes

I used to believe that change in my home meant undertaking huge projects that took endless time & money. The big kitchen renovation or that home extension that gave me the space I desired. I somehow overlooked the small details, the ones I now know make all the difference.  As I continue to make changes in my own home, I wanted to share the things I’m focusing on. 

Here are my currently coveted items, that make the every day feel more special because, in the end, that’s what our homes should feel like. Like we are surrounded not by more things, but rather more special things. 

no. 1 replacing knobs…

Mine are original to my home, so they are extra special and therefore, a no-brainer that I left them alone, but when we bought our Upstate cottage, that wasn’t the case. So, I opted to change the doorknobs and can I just say, this simple change added so much character and a touch of specialness that couldn’t be ignored. These were the ones we went with and I’m still obsessed!

no. 2 for the hate of plastic covers…

A while back we chatted about my biggest regrets when renovating my home and this made the list. Details matter, I know this, yet somehow, I surpassed this step and opted for those “average Joe” plastic covers. Don’t ask me why! On my list, to change are my kitchen, living, and dining room covers. Tell me this isn’t a small change, with a huge impact.

no. 3 layer in intentionality…

Shop thoughtfully. As I always say and also built EE on the premise that, it is not about surrounding ourselves with more things, but rather more special things. It’s that perfect scalloped travertine tray that adds texture and interest to a room. It’s that beautifully handmade vase that screams special without trying too hard. We need to take notice of the stuff that truly brings us joy. While I’m all for the Target trip, I can say that buying intentionally beats it every time. 

no. 4 knob and pull details…

Whether that’s in our kitchens (the most obvious) it extends far beyond that. It’s our dressers, nightstands, armoires, wardrobe closets – essentially anything that opens and closes. I’m using this one for an armoire that I’ve been wanting to change for a long time. I think it will be the perfect piece of jewelry to give my furniture piece a whole new life.

no. 5 let there be light…

Adding a touch of warmth around our homes goes a long way. I’m not talking about changing the overhead chandelier that’s going to run you lots of $$$ (currently contemplating how I’m going to sell mine) but simply the touch of a candle-lit wall sconce or a small table lamp on your kitchen counter makes all the difference. It’s the reminder to create small moments within the spaces we use every day that matter most.

Thanks for stopping by, friend!

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