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Holiday Gift Guide: Foodie Edition

After months of curation for all my gift guides, I’m here to share our heartfelt guide for the foodie in your life. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I believe that the best gifts not only delight the senses but also tell a unique story of passion, dedication, and tradition. In this guide, I’ve handpicked a selection of amazing finds from people who pour their hearts into their craft.

Food Gift Guide Picks

1. David Rivillo Pasta Designer Pasta Box: For a truly unique culinary experience, indulge in David Rivillo’s pasta artistry. These pasta designs are almost too beautiful to eat, each one a work of edible art. Just DM him or send him a WhatsApp message to order yours. 

2. Formaje, Artisan Cheese Shop: Founded by the dynamic duo Clara and Adrián, Formaje is more than just a cheese shop; it’s a culmination of their lifelong love for cheese. With a focus on artisanal, small-batch cheeses, Formaje’s carefully selected offerings are a testament to their deep passion for the craft. Each cheese tells a story, connecting you to the heart of the artisanal cheese world. Can I just say, yum! 

3. La Familia Masa Bundle: Transport your taste buds to Mexico with La Familia’s collection of nixtamalized Heirloom Corn Masa Harina. The vibrant colors and rich flavors of white, yellow, blue, and red masa harina come from single-origin heirloom corn grown in Mexico. It’s a celebration of intentionality, a tribute to the joy of discovering unique and meaningful gifts that make every meal an experience to savor.

4. Dominican Kitchen Cookbook by Vanessa Mota: Step into the vibrant world of Dominican cuisine with this cookbook. Vanessa Mota’s recipes, inspired by her Dominican heritage, offer a taste of the beloved comfort foods from the Caribbean. Each dish is crafted with easy-to-find ingredients, making it the perfect companion for your loved one’s kitchen adventures. Given my own exploration of my Puerto Rican heritage, this book feels like home. 

5. Poesía Colada Coffee: This woman-owned small business, is hailing coffee beans from Finca Samir in the Dominican Republic. She is revolutionizing how we think about our daily brew, turning it into an experience of taste and culture. A must-try! 

Wishing you a heartwarming holiday season!

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