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Creating an Autumn-Inspired Charcuterie Board: Elevated Tips and Ideas   

Inspired by the beauty of the season, today I’m sharing the art of a fall-inspired charcuterie board.   

Hosting season is upon us, so today I wanted to share a moody charcuterie board that captures the essence of the autumnal season and can carry you right into the holidays. From its rich color palette to the artisanal cheeses, here are my elevated tips to help you create a board that is both visually impressive and tastes just as good as it looks. 

P.S. A little insider secret – Don’t tell anyone but this board is launching this holiday season. It is a chef’s kiss!

Walnut Cutting Board

No.1 Embrace Deep, Earthy Tones:

Opt for a color palette inspired by the fall season. Incorporate tones like burgundy, dark greens, and rich browns. You can achieve this by selecting a variety of cheeses, meats, and accompaniments with these hues. For example, include aged cheeses with deep red or brown rinds, prosciutto or smoked meats, and dark-colored crackers or breadsticks.

Autumn-Inspired Charcuterie Board

No.2 Seasonal Fruits & Veggies:

Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season during the fall, such as figs, pomegranates, grapes, and dark-colored plums. These fruits not only add vibrant colors but also provide a sweet contrast to the savory elements on the board. Slice them thinly or arrange them in clusters for an elegant touch.

Charcuterie Board with Artisanal Cheeses

No.3 Artisanal Cheeses:

Elevate your charcuterie board with a selection of artisanal cheeses. Look for cheeses with unique textures and flavors, such as a creamy, blue-veined Roquefort, a nutty Gruyère, or a smoky, aged cheddar. Arrange them in different shapes and sizes to create visual interest and offer a diverse tasting experience.

Fall-Inspired Charcuterie Board

No.4 Gourmet Condiments:

Complement your charcuterie board with condiments that enhance the flavors of the cheeses and meats. Include items like a honeycomb, fig jam, grainy mustard, or a balsamic reduction drizzle. These condiments not only pair well but also add a touch of sophistication.

Fall Herbs

No. 5 Garnish With Herbs:

Elevate the visual appeal of your charcuterie board by garnishing it with fresh, seasonal herbs. Consider sprigs of rosemary, thyme, or sage, which not only serve as garnishes but also bring a fragrant, herbal aroma to the board.



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