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My Ultimate Kitchen Cabinet Hardware List

Late last year, as I continued to dig deep on the changes I wanted to bring one thing that kept coming up was connecting with you more. So, in continuation of seeking that connection here’s another change. Every so often, specifically when one of you writes to me or DMs me, in need of something I will be sure to deliver. It may be a recipe you’re looking for or some home design advice that you’re wanting or in this case, as specific as knobs and pulls for your kitchen renovation.

So, Christine (thank you for the DM!), you asked and here it is! My ultimate list of kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. 

Before you dive in, here are some of my hardware 101 thoughts:

  1. It is customary for knobs on doors to be placed at the corners, however you can also place them 2″ to 3″ below that. This will give you a more traditional/European feel, which you’ve guessed it, I love.
  2. Moreover, it is also customary that knobs are for doors and pulls are for drawers, but remember rules were meant to be broken. If you are going to put knobs on wide/long drawers (usually anything over 24″), you can put two to balance it out.
  3. Using latches on wall cabinets totally work.
  4. Don’t follow any rules, do what you want. It’s your home and making it your own is what makes it special.

Without further ado, here is my curated list for cabinet hardware:

no.1 the button knob

Late last year, I put these into a client’s project in the color Heirloom Brass and can I just say they are stunning. The detail on these are subtle but eye-catching. They truly have a European feel to them. 

no.2 the round knobs

If you want to play safe but still have beautiful knobs that draw interest to the eye, then look no further. These round knobs are super classic and will never go out of style. You simply can’t go wrong. 

no. 3 the ephram pull

This pull beautifully showcases modern meeting classic. The curves give it that timeless feel but the clean lines are just all the modern vibes. A true beauty! 

no. 4 oval knob with square plate

There is something about egg shaped knobs that I truly love. Have them in my own kitchen, but this one with a square back plate is such a fun twist. Not to mention that it looks stunning in polished nickel (my favorite of all the silvers).

no. 5 knurled handle

In an attempt to give you options, here’s another handle that really caught my eye. The texture is visually something special yet it still has an understated tone to it. 

no. 6 the curved cabinet knob

Just like the round knobs these are staples as well. They have the same classic feel and curved silhouette. Only difference is that these are more flatten knobs. Note that they come in an array of colors that all look great.

no. 7 the cabinet latch

I don’t know what else to say other than I’m utterly obsessed with a kitchen cabinet latch. Something about it just screams old world charm and it couldn’t make me happier. 

no. 8 curved knob with detail

Another option for a rounded, curved cabinet knob except this one has a bit of detail. A beautiful etching around its perimeter. 

no. 9 the cup pull

This pull has a refined silhouette and also has a European flair equipped with a comfortable handle to grasp. 

no. 10 the classic cabinet pull

Just a classic pull with a bit of detail for that additional touch of beauty meets functionality.

Please note that some links are related to affiliate platforms where commission may be earned based on clicks and or purchases. All image credits belong to respective shops. Hardware 101 reference photos are as follows – Clockwise: Devol Kitchens, Tile Shop, & Studio McGee.


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