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My Currently Coveted Home Decor Items List

If you know me, you know I’m a constant hunter of all things. Always taking my time to source and only saving the items that really speak to me. Whether that’s at a store (let’s just say my camera roll has plenty of pics) or online, each time I come across something that sparks joy I put it in a saved folder. Then, if and when I need it I go into my arsenal. So, today I wanted to share a few home decor items that I’ve been coveting and now purchasing for my own home. 

On the hunt for something? Let me know and I’ll share my finds. 

no. 1 linen bedding

As the spring approaches, I’ve been hunting down some fabric choices that go with the season. This linen bedding is perfect for the changing season and works just as well into the summer.  

no. 2 ice bucket

Entertaining season is upon us and this champagne bucket is timeless with an edge. Have been eyeing it for a while and it’s time to bring it home.

no. 3 vintage clay pot

Have been needing one for my office re-design and I think I may have found it in my saved items. Perfect size and color! 

no. 4 flatware set

There is something about this vintage set that just makes my heart happy. Quality meets my heart for design. 

no. 5 terry cloth towels

Something I’m always in search of are good towels. Hand towels, bath towels, you name it. In the name of a refresh, I’m getting these.  Loving the stripes!

no. 6 endlessly elated  items

I have all these items and truly love them, hence why I carry them in my own shop. For spring, I’m leaning into our cheese block & cutting board for those entraining nights and our vase and pillows for a little decor moment. Perfect for a seasonal refresh! 


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