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Holiday Gift Guide: The Interior Designer Edition

And last but not least, The gift guide for the interior designer in your life! 

Here are my gift picks. All are thoughtfully made and intentionally designed. It’s why I sell them on EE. So, give the gift of thoughtfulness to celebrate your loved one: the ultimate design enthusiast. 

Interior Designer Gift Guide Picks
  1. Sandstone Vase: Our Sandstone Vase is a beautiful object made of artistry and craftsmanship. This one-of-a-kind, made-to-order vase, created of premium sandstone clay, is meticulously handcrafted by a talented artist in the heart of California. It makes for a beautiful gift!
  2. Paper Mache Bowl: The Sculptural Paper Mache Bowl is hand-crafted from recycled paper waste, by women artisans in India. The decorative bowl adds both texture and materiality to any room of choice.
  3. Floral Pattern Pillow: Our Designer Floral Throw Pillow in a natural color palette and sophisticated pattern. Handcrafted, in the United States, from 100% linen, this decorative pillow is the right touch of classic and timeless.
  4. Linen Natural Pillow: Our Linen Throw Pillow is in a beige, neutral oatmeal color. Handcrafted, in the United States, from 100% linen, this decorative pillow seamlessly blends into any interior style.
  5. Brass Wall Sconce: The Brass Plated Wall Sconce will add warmth and ambiance to any room of your choice. Whether an entryway, dining room, or bedroom, this classic sconce is beautiful on display.
  6. Travertine Tray: The Scalloped Tray is handcrafted in Beige Travertine and elevates any space with its stunning natural texture and scallop surface detail. Use it as a catchall for jewelry on a nightstand, in a bathroom for cosmetics, or on a coffee table as décor. The perfect accessory for any home.
  7. Interior Design Consult: The virtual consultation is a 1-hour video session, via Zoom, designed to provide you with expert advice, guidance, and support, tailored to your specific project and questions.

If you are purchasing a design consult for yourself or a loved one, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. As a way to give back and for one day only, I am having my biggest sale ever and it launches on Cyber Monday. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, for the insider perk! Sign up here.


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