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Five Ways To Redesign Your Home With Items You Already Have

If you’re looking for a weekend project to keep occupied and inspired, consider redesigning your home with items you already own. It’s the perfect time to jazz things up a bit and give them a new spin.

Here are the five ways you can do so:

Don’t shy away from rearranging furniture.

Moving a piece of furniture, like a couch or a bed, can create an immense impact. Ensure that before getting started a layout is planned and that everything has been measured for their new corresponding locations.

Shuffle home décor items around.

You’d be surprised how simply moving items from one room to another can really spruce up new design looks. Think décor objects, floral arrangements, plants, books, and so on.

Go look in those storage bins.

We’ve all been there. We store things away based on seasons or because we bought new items only to completely forget about them. So, go ahead and take a look. You’ll be surprised at what you can find and bring out for design use.  

The pesky leftover paint that’s been lying around since the last time you painted a room is ready for use.

It’s time to touch up the nicks and chips on the walls to refresh your living spaces.

Change out or rearrange your pictures and artwork.

Swap out old pictures for newer ones. Hang up paintings you bought long ago but have been laying on the floor or stored in the basement somewhere. A perfect way to bring some new life into your space.

Make these tips –Your Story of Home.  


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